Lukas Hasler

Lukas Hasler is the creative force that stands behind the name that started this young company from the ground up. He is the company manager, responsible for marketing and oenology. His first career was as a teacher, and then he decided to study Oenology, after which receiving his diploma, he founded Hasler winery in 2002.

Manuel Tschanz

The young vintner is startinig his own adventure as an independet entrepreneur by taking over Lukas’ winery in 2022. Already now he is responsable for the vineyards with the existing team!


In addition to the standard crew, a variety of diligent helpers are at work throughout the year!


Work in the vineyards

In the vineyards, we seek out a balance between wellness and performance for our vines. Grapes reach the best maturity when the vines are under moderate stress. Biodiversity is one of the most important factors in building healthy competition. In addition, a vineyard with a high biodiversity fulfills ecologically important functions and offers a variety of critters a reliable home.

We are in the process of receiving our official organic certification, for which we are now in a transition period of 2 years.

Work in the cellar

The wine cellar is powered by solar power, and the cooling is done with tanks housed outside during the winter, using natural temperatures for cooling. In addition, the house features a thermal pump, instead of oil fueled heating, so that we significantly minimize the CO2 consumption in the cellar.

We work with spontaneous fermentation, utilizing naturally occurring yeasts from the cellar and the vines, in order to reduce using highly cultivated yeast cultures. We don’t use any animal proteins to clarify our juices, so even vegetarians and vegans can enjoy drinking our wines worry-free.

Our high quality craftsmanship means that we can limit the sulfurization of our wines. The pristine care we put into our vineyards carries over into the cellar and highlights the pure and characteristic expression of our plants!



Region Seeland:
Region Seeland:
Restaurant Palace, 2502 Biel
Maruzzella, 2504 Biel
Weisses Kreuz, 3250 Lyss
Restaurant Kreuz, 3238 Gals
Hardern Pintli, 3250 Lyss
J.J. Rousseau, 2520 La Neuveville
La Buvette, 2515 Prêles
Bel Lago, 2572 Sutz

Region Bern:
Curtovino, 3267 Baggwil bei Seedorf
Meridiano, 3025 Bern
Giardino, 3025 Bern
Ässtorant Haberbüni, 3097 Liebefeld
mille sens, 3011 Bern
Restaurant Arcadia, 3063 Ittigen
Genussreise, 3063 Ittigen
Platanenhof, 3422 Kirchberg
Aspen alpine lifestyle hotel, 3813 Grindelwald
Weincafé Klösterli, 3006 Bern
Gasthof Bären, 3115 Gerzensee
Restaurant Noa, 3008 Bern
APÉRO, 3013 Bern

Region Solothurn:
Kochkünste – Urban Schiess, 2545 Selzach
Sternen, 4500 Solothurn
Löwen, 3254 Messen
Attisholz, 4533 Riedholz

Region Basel:
Restaurant Viertel-Kreis, 4053 Basel
Restaurant Parterre, 4057 Basel
Der Teufelhof, 4051 Basel

Region Zürich:
Restaurant Rosso, 8005 Zürich
Restaurant Domus, 6300 Zug
Restaurant Schönegg, 8820 Wädenswil
Restaurant Kunsthaus, 8000 Zürich
essen‘z, 5200 Brugg
Restaurant BarBasso, 8001 Zürich
Maison Manesse, 8045 Zürich
Hotel Cristal, 8898 Flumserberg
Pizzeria Tannenheim, 8898 Flumserberg

Region Luzern:
Gasthof Rössli, 6182 Escholzmatt
Hotel Krone Sarnen, 6061 Sarnen
Restaurant Opus, 6003 Luzern
Hotel des Balances, 6004 Luzern
Hotel Vitznauerhof, 6354 Vitznau

Andere Regionen:
Da Gina, 6612 Ascona
Schloss Seeburg, 8280 Kreuzlingen
Hotel Hof Weissbad, 9057 Weissbad
Waldhotel Davos, 7270 Davos


Region  of the three lakes:
Vinothèque La passion du vin, 2502 Biel
Manor, 2502 Biel
Mövenpick, 2504 Biel

Region of Bern:
mille vins gmbH, 3005 Bern
Vinothèque La passion du vin, 3011 Bern
Loeb Lebensmittel, 3011 Bern
Genussreise, 3063 Ittigen

Region of the Oberland:
Wyhus Belp, 3123 Belp
Rugenbräu, 3800 Interlaken

Region of Solothurn:
Vincoeurs, 4500 Solothurn

Region of Basel:
falstaff, 4053 Basel

Region of Zürich:
REB Wein, 8038 Zürich

Region of Luzern:
FirstWine AG, 6052 Hergiswil
Remimag, 6023 Rothenburg

Region of St Gallen:
Weine Simone Lanz, 9000 St. Gallen