It is a true pleasure to connect with people through our wines. Whether it’s our clientele, our employees, or our friends, it never gets old. Everybody plays a part in our experience of unforgettable moments. It enriches our lives and we’re amazed at the “mini-community” that our small wine cellar has managed to grow into. Colorful, diversified, and lively. So when are you joining us?


The names of our wines are designed to trigger associations. To reflect upon, discuss, and make you smile! If you want to know why SYMPA, MUSE, and BOHEME reflect the wine inside the bottle then just take a look at the wine notes! Or even better, think about what it reminds you of when you take a sip!


HASLER, that’s us. Lukas Hasler is the creative force that manages the company and marketing side of the business, and stands behind the name that started this young company from the ground up. Manuel Tschanz, who’s taken the vineyard and cellar to new heights together with the other members of the team! In addition to the standard crew, a variety of diligent helpers are at work throughout the year!


Being a part of your celebrations is one of the most important ways for us to connect with our clients. Our fantastic infrastructure, including our cellar and terrace, make it possible for you to customize your special event at our exceptional winery.

Cellar opening time

Saturday the 24th of september and 2nd of october the cellar remains closed because of the harvest!

Saturday from 10.00 h to 12.00 h. During the week by appointment. Sunday closed.

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